April: MAGO – Eidsvoll Verk

May 9: Tomrom – Sandefjord/Larvik Kunstforening

November 12 – 29: Oslo Prosjektrom


September 12-14:  Factory Light Festival, Collaboration with Ricardo del Pozo and Kjetil Dahlgren, Audio-visual installation, Slemmestad

June 1 – September 15: Lydkunst via Drive-In Lyd, Galleri Ruth, Fylkesvei 116, Rygge, Østfold

April 10 – September 14: Cityscapes & Heartscapes: Sound work to video by Andreas Schille. Shown at the exhibition: Chopin & Tellefsen: Home is where the Heart is, Ringve Musikkmuseum, Trondheim


July 5: Black Box- Vaffelfuzz – A collaboration with Ricardo del Pozo and Alexander Haugen, Audio-Visual performance, Drammen

May 22: Meta.Morf Biennial 2014  – A collaboration with Ricardo del Pozo. Electro-acoustic music and real-time visuals, Trondheim  Watch teaser here

Meta.Morf 2014

March 21: The Road to Venice: Silent film concert. Video: Clemens Wilhelm, Sound: Joakim Blattmann/Jørgen Thorbjørnsen, ANX, Oslo

January 11 – February 2: TrøndelagsutstillingenKunstmuseet Nord-Trøndelag, Namsos

December 29: Sound performance with Jørgen Thorbjørnsen at Sound of Mu, Oslo

September 28 – October 30: Trøndelagsutstillingen, Trøndelag Senter For Samtidskunst, Trondheim

August 23 – September 29 2013: Carl Berner Prosjektrom, Skulpturarena Øst / Norsk Billedhoggerforening, Oslo. Roland / Blattmann Moldestad.
A collaboration with Marit Roland


August 2013: Mixing the recordings done at Hunsfos Fabrikker with Øyvind Gundersen
July 20 2013: Støy på Landet 2013, concert/sound performance, Hessdalen (NO)

July 6 2013: Kortfilmfestivalen, Screening of Vi Sier Byen Farvel, A collaboration with Andreas Schille, Bomuldsfabriken Kunsthall, Arendal (NO)

June 2-7: Recording and composing at the closed Hunsfos Paper Mill, Vennesla (NO)

April 2013: Berlin residency, Trondheim Kommunes Gjesteleilighet, Berlin (DE)

April 22 2013: Sound performance/Concert, Madame Claude, Berlin (DE)

April 11 2013: Sound performance/Concert, Loophole, Berlin (DE)

February 20 2013, 7pm: Silent film concert for Clemens Wilhelms The Road to Venice, Babel Art Space, Trondheim (NO)

January 20 2013: Concert at Babel Art Space Trondheim, with Tore Reisch

January 10 2013: Lydbilde. A collaboration with Andreas Schille, the project is part of a group exhibition and is shown at Trondheim Kunstforening. Jan 10 – Feb 10 2013

January 11 2013: Concert at Rake Visningsrom, Trondheim, with Ricardo del Pozo and Kjetil Austvoll-Dahlgren

November 2012:  The soundinstallation “Et stykke for lys og piano” at Steinkjer Rådhus (Steinkjer City Hall) could be seen and heard throughout november 2012. This work was commissioned by the annual traditional folk music festival: Hilmar Festivalen, and supported by Kulturrådet. Max/MSP-programming by Ricardo del Pozo

November 25: Blåsvart Aften Vol.6.  Mossworks concert

October 25: Concert/Sound Performance at Blæst, Trondheim. Part of the Meta.Morf biennials program, and in honour of TEKS’ 10 year anniversary.

Oct 6th: Concert at Avantgarden, Trondheim. Part of the Kunstikit Festival

July 21: Concert with Mossworks at Støy på Landet

July 14: Concert with Mossworks at Vaffelfuzz Festivalen

June 29 – August 15: Knock Knock - Sculpture Exhibition. Skulptur Arena Øst / Norsk Billedhoggerforening. Billedhuggerhuset.

June 9: Concert at MIR, Oslo, with Elin Vister, Alexander Rishaug, Svarte Greiner and Maja Ratkje. Soundscape Røst Release.

June 8-24: Masters Exhibition at Atelier Nord ANX, Oslo (NO)

May 26th sees the release of the Mossworks 7-inch: Zelter Straße on How is Annie Records/Musikkopperatørene. It will consist of 3 tracks recorded and composed at a Zelter Straße apartment, Berlin last summer. A concert will be held the same day at Trondheim Kunstmuseum Gråmølna. Andreas Schille will provide visuals, Child of Klang plays as well, and Håvard Stamnes will launch his book of poetry. Details on the arrangement in norwegian here. More on Mossworks here

Masters Exhibition at Trondheim Kunstmuseum Gråmølna: may 19 – 29

Cable, Hedges, Footprints (photography 2012 – size: 100 x 120 cm)