Location (2016)
Behind the Smart World / AMRO 2016. KunstRaum Goethestraße, Linz (AT)
Group exhibition. 25.05 – 13.06.2016
4-channel sound installation / composition

Behind the Smart World
Agbogbloshie is a district in the teeming metropolis of Accra in West-African Ghana. The world’s largest electronicwaste dump is located here. Twenty-two hard drives brought back to Austria from this dump where the starting point for the exhibition. Alongside the material and exploitative dark sides of the dirty business with electronic waste, the exhibition brings together artistic positions dealing with the value of digital information and our constant production of data. The saving, deleting and resurfacing of information is part of our everyday life. We leave not only material traces that have disastrous effects on people and our environment, but also digital traces, the value of which is to be called into question.
Behind the Smart World is a project by Linda Kronman and Andreas Zingerle (KairUs) realised in cooperation with

The composition Location is based solely on a selection of audio and video files from harddrives found by Andreas Zingerle and Linda Kronman (KairUs) at the electronic waste dump Agbogbloshie in Accra, Ghana. A few seconds of samples from each file have been heavily altered, so that the original content of each file is unrecognisable. This have been achieved using various outboard electronics and software. Some of the material is also manipulated recordings of the physical disks themselves done with contact microphones and an electromagnetic coil.

Participating artists:
Audrey Samson, Emilio Vavarella, Fabian Kühfuß, Fictilis, Ivar Veermäe, Joakim Blattmann, Linda Kronman, Andreas Zingerle (KairUs), Martin Reiche, Michael Wirthig, Michaela Lakova, Owen Mundy, Raphael Perret, Shue Lea Chang, Simon Krenn, Matthias Urban, Times of Waste, Wolfgang Spahn.

AMRO 2016 – Waste(d)
The group exhibition Behind the Smart World was part of AMRO 2016 – Waste(d). 
AMRO is a biennial community festival in Linz, Austria that probes and engages with new challenges between digital culture, art, everyday life, education, politics, and taking action. AMRO is organized by a non for profit organisation in cooperation with the Art University Linz.

Location was supported by The Office for Contemporary Art Norway (OCA)