Sound performance/Composition (00:39:00)
23.10.2015: Timespan Museum, Helmsdale (UK)
25.10.2015: The Borgie Forest Log Cabin, Skerray (UK)

The composition The Adriatic was written for the video work The Road to Venice by Clemens Wilhelm (DE). The sound work was performed along with the video at two spaces in Scotland. Timespan Museum in Helmsdale, and The Borgie Forest Cabin in Skerray, 23 and 25 october 2015. The sound work follows Wilhelms two week walk from Munich to Venice in 2009. Read more about Wilhelm’s work and The Road to Venice here:

The work was performed live with fx boxes, laptop, treated field recordings, DIY instruments, and electromagnetic coils. A Max/MSP patch programmed by Ricardo del Pozo was also used.

A 5 minute excerpt of the Timespan performance.

Supported by PNEK – Production Network for Electronic Art, Norway (travel grant)