Treverk 5 (2017)
Østlandsutstillingen: Kunstbanken Hamar / Buskerud Kunstsenter / Østfold Kunstsenter
6 channel sound installation.

Treverk is an ongoing series of installations based on audio recordings of minuscule movements in trees. Surface transducers have been attached to the installations trees in which the recordings were originally captured, allowing the sound to be affected by the logs in real time. This make the logs integral parts of the installations speakers.
The work shown at Østlandsutstillingen 2017 is the fifth in the series.
The tree used in this work was already cut before Blattmann started working with it. No trees were cut by the artist to make this work.
The wood is returned to its place of origins after the exhibition period. This to continue its decomposition process, as a host to various species and to fertilize the forest floor.