Digital album release on Case Records
Release date July 1, 2021

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Ru`s three tracks are picked from different musical projects. These works are largely based on processed recordings of found objects, field recordings, electric guitar, toy instruments, and a singing bowl, all processed by various electronics and pedals.

The title track was composed for visuals by video-artist Clemens Wilhelm, and is a live recording from Timespan Museum, Helmsdale, Scotland.

Joakim Blattmann is a sound and visual artist, field recordist and musician based in Oslo. He often works at the intersection of sound, sculpture and composition. Blattmann’s installation works explore space, acoustics and the complexity of the auditory information that surrounds us, often through the use of surface transducers and alternative field recording techniques.

In his musical output, spontaneous recording set ups, sound collage, contact mic recordings, electric guitar, field recordings and tape manipulation are recurring tools and techniques.

Joakim Blattmann: all instruments / sounds

Per Waagø: violin on the outro of Lit

Øyvind Røsrud: additional electric guitar on the outro of Lit

Mixed by Joakim Blattmann and Øyvind Røsrud

Cover by Carsten Aniksdal

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