Spaces Speak #1

Tarfield / Karen Nikgol & Bashment Crew
RAM Galleri, Oslo
Curating / Sound performance

Spaces Speak is a concert- and sound performance series focusing on the interaction between sound and image, curated by Joakim Blattmann & Ricardo del Pozo.
The series are conducted in collaboration with RAM Galleri, NOTAM and supported by Arts Council Norway and Kulturetaten.

Tarfield is an electroacoustic duo that has been active since 2009. The term may be perceived to be in the intersection of soundscapes, drones, field recordings, noise and improvised contemporary music, sometimes with performative and quasi ritual elements.The project explores intention and coincidence as dynamic counterweights in their music, which are especially evident in a series of digital releases based on field recordings, where the duo improvised with the natural sound environment on site using small mobile sources. The series explores the parameters of compositional interplay between manmade and natural soundscapes, here understood as automatic or already present sources that the composers cannot control. The duo has also made several experiments in subjective time offsets with several longer concerts, the longest lasted 24 hours.

Karen Nikgol & Bashment Crew
Bashment Crew consists of MC Blazer, MC Smokey and MC Blitzer from Liverpool. They specialize in hard rap, grime and drumnbass from England and has worked for many years at clubs and events. On this occasion at RAM, they are invited for an esoteric session of drumnbass and grime organized by artist and gallerist Karen Nikgol.
Karen Nikgol is a painter, curator and gallerist. His work has been shown in England, USA, Italy and Norway. The work is always at the intersection of mystery and humor. Nikgol is currently showing his works in exhibitions in Europe and America until the summer, and upcoming production includes a large stage production “Satyricon” at the Black Box Theatre, Oslo. Karen Nikgol is one of the managing founders of Noplace, Oslo.
Karen Nikgol & Bashment Crew – Spaces Speak performance

Live sound & recording: Cato Langnes / NOTAM
Documentation: Cameras: James Welburn and Morten Minothi Kristiansen
Edit and mix: James Welburn
Photo: Joakim Blattmann

Spaces Speak is supported by Kulturrådet / Arts Council Norway, and Kulturetaten