There is some space in-between (2015)
Solo exhibition at Mago. Eidsvoll Verk. 11.04 – 07.06.2015
Curator: Maria Veie

There is some space in-between is a site-specific sound installation shown at MAGO, Eidsvoll Verk (NO) april 11 – june 7 2015. The work was made during my stay at the MAGO residency in april 2015.
Transducers are placed on old glass panes from the former green house that used to be on the property of the exhibition space. The work uses the glass` resonance and the resistance this meets from the dry cracked putty, rusty nails and overlapping glass, combined with the acoustics of the room.
The soundwork is based on recordings of different objects and structures in the room. The installation is composed in- and in relation to the gallery space. 
The work addresses the visitors’ awareness of how they move through the space. For example, a slightly too firm step will cause noise that will carry within the room’s large ambience, interfering or intertwining with the sound produced by the work. Accordingly, the potential for interaction between the work and the sound of movement cause visitors to modify how they navigate the space. As such, the potential for interference should be considered an important component of the work itself.

Video/Sound documentation: Joakim Blattmann
Photos: Chris Erlbeck